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Support Staff

Ms. Perla Magallon - School Administrative Assistant

Ms. Martha Ramirez- office technician

Ms. Silvia Collins- assistant principal/eis

Ms. Myungoak Oh- school nurse

Ms. Julia Romo - Cafeteria Manager

Ms. R. Mamun - Food Service Technician

Mr. Pedro Sanchez- plant manager

Mr. B. Wroten- building & grounds worker

Ms. Jacquline Cuc- campus representative

Mr. Daniel Kish- Speech-Language Pathologist

I love being a SLP in the public schools because it means I get to be part of an awesome team working with teachers and families to help students become superstar communicators.

Ms. K. Vogel- occupational therapist

Ms. T. Kaplan- ape teacher

Ms. S. Guzman- physical therapist

Ms. V. Wold- dhh teacher

Ms. Janelle Sit- school psychologist

I love working with teachers, parents and the community to support our student’s gifts and different learning styles.